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To date, the casino is perceived purely as a place for men’s leisure and this practice is not new – excitement, almost from the beginning of the existence of mankind, was a stranger to the fair sex. Historically, the planet is dominated by men, so women who professionally play in the casino (or on a regular basis) are an incredible rarity.

Leo vegas casino app: According to experts, more than half of the world’s inhabitants annually take part in gambling, and every year the online gambling sector increases by tens of percent. And, I must say, the proportion of women who participate in gambling is growing proportionally to the number of men. The question arises – what do women prefer, what games are more interesting for them?

Women and gambling

Psychologists have been fighting for a long time over the question – how much do male and female views of gambling differ? And there are differences and they are very serious. For example, if you ask a lady to describe a visit to a gambling establishment, it is likely that she will not talk about gambling, but about the social component-clients, the atmosphere, her own emotions from the game, and so on. Men approach gambling absolutely from the other side – asking the same question, you will hear a story that he was unbelievably lucky at the roulette table or some slot stubbornly refused to give a win. Actually, representatives of the stronger sex are interested in money, in one or another of their manifestations.

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The results of the research showed that women gambling, thus, try to escape from the dull routine, preferring games with a minimum of actions. Often, ladies begin to visit the casino, when they have already become financially independent, they go to gambling establishments to unwind and, more often than not, they do not care about winning or defeating them.

Leo Vegas casino free spins for pretty ladies: Asking why women play gambling, you are confronted with the fact that it is impossible to answer this question monosyllabically. There are several reasons for this.

First and foremost, excitement distracts from everyday life and ubiquitous problems.

Point two – in the casino you can get a large dose of pleasure and enjoy the entertainment.

Third point. Women go to the casino to solve financial problems.

What kind of gambling games do you prefer?

The woman and the casino – what attracts the fair sex in the game? Perhaps, Bingo takes the palm – it’s amazing, but it’s this game that more often than the other girls can be noticed. This game originates from the distant 1530 and quickly gained popularity in all countries of the planet. By the way, according to statistics, 70% of bingo players are lovely ladies. But what attracts them?

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It’s all about social orientation, social aspect – not only in land, but also in casino online. Women do not seek to get a thrill (thereby, being different from men) due to wins or losses. Since bingo has to interact with other players (in online bingo this role takes on the chat).

Bingo – a simple game that, unlike the same poker does not require skill and there is a huge amount of social communication.

Surprisingly, in second place in popularity among gambling among women are slots. Men’s and women’s half of humanity – this, in fact, different peoples, and therefore their preferences can be very different. As already mentioned before, when playing gambling, a man not only seeks to get good money, but also to satisfy his own desire to get a thrill and raise himself above the adversaries. At the same time, women prefer games that are based on luck, so after the bingo in second place are slot machines, where the player does not depend on anything at all.

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And anyway, where else, how not on slots, you can play at very low rates? If the goal of life is not to disrupt the jackpot at any cost, slots are a great choice to relax after a difficult day, get a portion of pleasure and pleasantly tickle your nerves.

Play poker in Leo Vegas casino

Poker is, as you know, a game of skill, therefore, in the list of “women’s” gambling, it is not in the first place. But, nevertheless, the ladies meet at tables with green cloth. At all times, poker was considered a male game and women only provoked condescending smiles at the initial stages, but players such as Vanessa Selbst made jokers bite their tongues.

Today, among the clients of poker rooms, about 30% are women, and names such as Liv Bori, Annie Duke and Victoria Koren are known all over the world.