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Online Gambling and Canadian women: Woman and casino – what attracts in the game of women?

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Until the start of the rapid development of virtual gambling, the distribution of games between the female and male audience was very simple and concise. So, ladies preferred simple games and they can find games in betway online casino , where very low rates and highly influenced social component – bingo and slots.

In turn, men gave preference to “skill games” with fairly high stakes. With the global penetration of the Internet, such boundaries have blurred and, as a consequence, the number of women playing in seemingly unshakably “male” games is skyrocketing.

And if a few decades ago public opinion and censure hurt women who sat at a gambling table for a poker rink or playing blackjack with men, today complete anonymity and a changed society open up new opportunities. In many large rooms, the gender split is 50/50.

Betway casino mobile helps to feel an atmosphere of offline casino

Curious studies have been conducted in the UK. As part of the test, 10,000 gamers were interviewed for online gambling. Survey results surprised – almost 45% of casino visitors refer to the female audience. The average size of the “female” deposit is 67 dollars, and men allocate for the game almost half more – 100  dollars.

Betway mobile app is available for android and iOS. Nevertheless, the female audience spent more time playing – 9 hours a month, when men – only 6.5 hours. According to this study, many more women visit online gambling for the first time, and not a land-based casino. There are several reasons for this – anonymity and comfort, as well as the opportunity to participate in games that were previously purely male entertainment.

Great ladies-players: Woman and casino – what attracts the representatives of the fair sex in the game? WSOP, WPT and other well-known tournaments – even if the number of women participating in these events is still inferior to the number of men, but the beautiful half of humanity managed to assert itself. An excellent example is Annette Obrestad, who started to play poker from the age of 15. Despite the ban on gambling for the imperfect citizens of Sweden and Canada, where she came from, Annette never made money to deposit, but formed her own bankroll based on freerolls and started winning good money.

In the list of wins Obrestad – expensive tournaments of the rooms UltimateBet, Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. This poker player knows how to bluff brilliantly and it has borne fruit. The peak of Annette’s career came in 2007 – that’s when she won first place in the main event of the WSOPE, having received 2.1 million dollars for her achievement. At that time – it’s a world record, the biggest prize that the girl won in the history of poker.

Ladies are more social, they are often not so interested in money, as it attracts the opportunity to interact with other players in the casino. Nature has not laid the desire for domination in women, or the need to experience the thrill – they love simplicity and pleasure. The beautiful half of humanity has contributed to gambling and has changed it – perhaps in the future the changes will become even more global.

Listen music, when you are playing in betway casino app

Psychologists have repeatedly carried out research, the purpose of which is to find out how music affects certain aspects of a person’s life. In restaurants, as well as in shops, music is used to create a suitable atmosphere, yet from one point of view different music influences the renewal of visitors in different ways. So, one of the types of music can hold people indoors for a long time.

All this, of course, is purely individual and if it works, it does not work at all. In this context, we are interested in the effect that music has on human productivity, can it somehow affect the game? Despite the lack of serious research in this industry, several experiments were conducted in due time and we will tell about them in this article.

How does music influence the game of poker? A great step is to compose a playlist, which will include tracks that are devoid of words. Everything is simple enough – words, even in a foreign language, influence our brain, activating the brain areas responsible for their recognition. Suppose unconsciously, but still you are distracted from the process of the game, which can be expensive for you later.

Yes, emotions are of paramount importance, and we recommend adding light, unobtrusive, perhaps relaxing compositions to your playlist. You can give preference to active compositions (for example, club mixes). Lyrical songs at the rink are bad helpers.

A good option will be musical breaks. So, if you are rolling for several hours to music, it is likely that for some time it is worth removing the extraneous sound and playing in silence. This is exactly the practical benefit.

Poker is the best game for experiments. Try playing with music, try in silence. Do not forget to change genres – perhaps you are the most unique player who will be comfortable to roll for lyrical compositions for 5 hours in a row!